Digital Challenges in

the Healthcare Sector

The biggest trends in digital design for healthcare

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Context on the Healthcare Sector

Despite living in constant evolution in terms of equipment, drugs, techniques and treatments, the healthcare sector has been somewhat less receptive to digital transformation than other sectors of activity.

Bureaucratic, legislative and training challenges for professionals and patients slowed down investment initiatives in HealthTech start-ups.

But in 2020 the landscape changed with the Covid-19 epidemic and a new mindset has opened up in institutions, companies, patients and doctors, enabling technologies such as AI, VR, cybersecurity, IoT or even Blockchain to start appearing with different applications.

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We think healthcare is high on the list of experiences that need reinvention

Neil Lindsay , Senior Vice President of Amazon Health Services

The Challenges

Solutions that can be found in a wide range of services such as tele-assistance, clinical treatment support, electronic payments, new types of health insurance or the use of big-data to improve clinical analysis processes and results are some of the areas where innovation has made a strong entrance.

The importance of HealthTech is twofold. On the one hand, we are dealing with a technology capable of improving people’s lives.

On the other hand, and obviously linked to that, it is one of the industries that has received the most funding in recent years.

of patients would switch payment method
prefer to access cost estimates online prior to a medical appointment
of consumers are confused by medical bills
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